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Greek Sultanas

Sensory Description

The fruit must be Greek origin consisted of goods sound berries, sun dried and stored in acceptable conditions.
The berries should have a natural sweet flavor with no off odorous taints or flavors, and it should be free flowing.
Water used in the washing, must be in current flow.
All manufacturing should be kept in good manufacturing practice. Storage and production buildings must be in an acceptable repair state. All products must be metal detected and fumigated before shipment.

Packing Description

  1. Packing size:  10  or 12, 5 Kgr.
  2. Material:  a minimum of 30-50 micron, blue or not, polyethylene as well as liner inside the box. Sealing is to be tape or glue.
  3. Each box to be marked with packer name, crop year, fruit type, country of origin, date of packing and weight.
  4. The shipping container or truck should be cleaned according to food grade standards in order to ensure that the product is not adversely affected.