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Corinthian Currants

Sweet Greek Vine fruits and Gulf varieties – are naturally sun dried, double washed, laser scanned and hand picked on a static table.
The product shall consist of good sound berries.
All packs shall be metal detected.

The product shall be packed in a food grade corrugated carton of sufficient strength to prevent compaction of product in transit and shall contain no metal staples. The carton shall contain a coloured, food grade poly liner. This should be folded or heat-sealed only. Cartons should be sealed with glue or tape.
Cartons shall be marked with the following details:
Packers Name, Fruit type, Ingredients, Best Before Date, Weight, Country of Origin, Crop Year, Batch No, Date of Production.

Appearance & Organoleptic Properties

Colour, taste and odour shall be typical of dried vine fruit; natural, sweet & fruity. The fruit shall be typical of that year?s crop and free from ?off? odours and flavours. GM free vegetable oil may be used to keep the product free flowing.