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General Specifications for Corinthian Currants Gulf-a

Sweet Greek Vine fruits and Gulf varieties - are naturally sun dried, double washed, laser scanned and hand picked on a static table.
The product shall consist of good sound berries.
All packs shall be metal detected.

The product shall be packed in a food grade corrugated carton of sufficient strength to prevent compaction of product in transit and shall contain no metal staples. The carton shall contain a coloured, food grade poly liner. This should be folded or heat-sealed only. Cartons should be sealed with glue or tape.
Cartons shall be marked with the following details:
Packers Name, Fruit type, Ingredients, Best Before Date, Weight, Country of Origin, Crop Year, Batch No, Date of Production.

Appearance & Organoleptic Properties
Colour, taste and odour shall be typical of dried vine fruit; natural, sweet & fruity. The fruit shall be typical of that year's crop and free from 'off' odours and flavours. GM free vegetable oil may be used to keep the product free flowing.



General Specifications for Greek Sultanas 

Sensory Description

The fruit must be Greek origin consisted of goods sound berries, sun dried and stored in acceptable conditions.
The berries should have a natural sweet flavor with no off odorous taints or flavors, and it should be free flowing.
Water used in the washing, must be in current flow.
All manufacturing should be kept in good manufacturing practice. Storage and production buildings must be in an acceptable repair state. All products must be metal detected and fumigated before shipment.

Packing Description

1.    Packing size:  10  or 12, 5 Kgr.
2.    Material:  a minimum of 30-50 micron, blue or not, polyethylene as well as liner inside the box. Sealing is to be tape or glue.
3.    Each box to be marked with packer name, crop year, fruit type, country of origin, date of packing and weight.
4.    The shipping container or truck should be cleaned according to food grade standards in order to ensure that the product is not adversely affected.



Dried mixed fruit + citrus peel

Ready Washed and Glazed -  A blend of sultanas, raisins, currants, and candied peel
Weight: 12.5kg e            Shelf Life: 12 Months
Product Description

The product shall consist of a mixture of sultanas, raisins and currants, mixed with candied citrus peel.
The product shall have a muliticoloured appearance from blue/black Corinthian currants, mid-brown sultanas, dark brown raisins, orange and yellow peel.
The product shall have a sweet overall flavour with citrus notes coming from the peel.
The texture shall vary from fleshy fruit and citrus peel and sticky glacé cherries. The product shall be packed in a poly  bag within a Geobres carton box .

Unacceptable Defects

Presence of GM ingredients, derivatives or carriers contrary to European food legislations. 
Uncharacteristic flavours, taints or odours foreign to the product which are present or may develop during its specified shelf life.
Absence of or incorrect ingredients
Irradiation of any raw material, intermediates or finished product
Absence of coding, illegible or incorrect coding.
Damaged/deformed packs.  Incomplete/inadequate seals. 
Foreign matter, insects, insect fragments, insect damage or evidence of infestation, objectionable adventitious matter, any injurious substances.
Damaged or immature fruit as per physical parameters.
Defects as listed under physical parameters.

Contaminants : See paragraph on Conformity with Legislation at the end of this page

Microbiological Parameters

Start - Samples shall be tested within 48 hours of packing.
End - Samples shall be tested at end of shelf life.

Conformity with Legislation:

The product supplied by the Manufacturer or his Agent shall conform to this specification and the requirements of all relevant EU and United Kingdom legislation and recognised Codes of Practice pertinent to the product which are applicable at the time of production and during the products specified shelf life whether the same come into force or become applicable before or after the date of this Specification